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Autumn Senior Living
Community Management
A Wonderful Way to Succeed

Autumn Senior Living has been successfully managing quality assisted living facilities and memory care communities since 1979. From conception and construction to management, daily operations and sale (or continued ownership), we strive to maintain and build upon our reputation for excellence and integrity with every property. Our attention-to-detail management approach fills beds fast, creates quality living environments for residents, and provides excellent returns to investors.

Over the last four decades, our team has managed 45 properties totaling 3,600 units. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our residents.

Seizing Opportunities – Managing Amazing Communities

Nipissing Manor – Corbeil, Ontario
This 120-resident care facility was Autumn Senior Living’s first major management project. Autumn managed the property from 1979 to 1989.

  • Awarded highest accreditation possible for nine consecutive years
  • Psychogeriatric/Memory Care

Heron House of Indian Rocks
Autumn Senior Living supervised construction (2006) and managed this property for four years.

  • 128 residences
  • Implemented $13M municipal revenue bond
  • Laid foundation for the addition of a 24-unit memory care component

Autumn Senior Living owned and operated this excellent community for three years, from its initial conception through construction and its grand opening in 2004.

  • 123 residences (28 memory care)
  • Annualized return: 23%
  • Attained swift stabilization and sold in April of 2007

Sarasota East
Autumn Senior Living supervised the construction of this high-end 112-residence assisted living community, including the overseeing of HUD refinancing, management of the facility for six years, and the sale of the property.

  • Annualized Return: 42%
  • HUD Refinance
  • Sold within three years of construction

Fort Myers
Autumn Senior Living owned, operated and managed the construction of this quality, spacious 120-residence community from 2001 to 2007.

  • Annualized return (at first sale 9/2005): 39%
  • Annualized return (at second sale 6/2007): 40%

Sarasota (1998-2002)
Autumn Senior Living supervised the construction and subsequent expansion of this 91-residence community and the sale of the property in 2002.

  • Annualized return: 36%
  • HUD refinanced

Carriage Inn (1991-1995)
As owner of the property, Autumn Senior Living managed the construction and subsequent operation of this 86-residence community (including memory care) from 1991-1995.

  • 100% return to investors